Buying a Pre-Construction Condo

Pre-Construction condos are hotter than ever and very popular by demand. A buyer needs to know that there are a lot more benefits when working with a real estate agent who is a VIP agent, as opposed to visiting the sales centre on their own.

1. Buying With An Agent That Has VIP Status:
This makes you a VIP client and you get access into the initial stage of the project. Meaning that; you will visit the sales centre before it is open to the public or regular agents. This gives you a few advantages. You will get the best prices; known as advance VIP pricing. You will also benefit in terms of unit selection. Being among one of the first people to enter the sale centre and get the best unit is a great bonus. Remember: Clients can save between $5000 -$25,000 with the VIP incentives offered only to VIP agents and their clients, the best units and/or other perks not offered by the builder and other agents.VIP

2. Working Straight With A Salesperson At The Sales Centre:
Unfortunately, if you work or sign up with a Sales representative at the sales centre, you will miss out on great prices. By the time the general public visits the sale centre, most units will have gone up in price by $5000 -$10,000, since the public opening is typically about a week or so after the initial VIP sales event. The best units are typically gone as well. The most important thing to remember when going straight to the sales centre is, that the salespeople there are working in the best interest of the builder. They are there to sell, and sometimes they tend to sell inventory that just isn’t selling, claiming that it is a “hot deal”. We want you to be happy with your purchase, make a good investment and a good return on your money. We know what projects are delayed, what projects are great investments, which to be vary of, we get our lawyer to review the contract for you free of charge, and best of all we have the VIP status, with great incentives.salesperson

3. Our Services Are Free To You:
Keep in mind that we are compensated by the builder. Many believe that they will get a better deal if they go through the sales centre. The price will be discounted, or they will get cash back on their purchase. Although this seems reasonable, the builder will not give discounts or cash backs or any incentives when you buy through them. A builder will not even hear such negotiations. All of their prices are firm and as mentioned above, they do not need to look out for your best interest. Our services are absolutely free and we offer many great deals.sellingcondo

4. Specialists In Pre-Construction Condos:
Working with an agent that has close partnerships with a builder or builders is important. Not only do you benefit in terms of prices, but you also benefit with things like special offers and promotions. Builders have known to offer their top agents, upgrades like: central vacuums, hardwood throughout, window coverings, certain upgrade packages, special down payment structures and more! These incentives are not offered to the general public. The reason being: top agents sell a lot for the builder and gain different statuses, and through these statuses they get special offers and incentives from the builder. So unless you are planning on buying 15-20 units, the incentives will just not be offered.specialists