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Aprox. Start Price 1bed in early 2014

Aprox. maintenance in early 2014

Hydro Inc.# of units

# of floors

Units For SaleSales History Comparison
N/ABeyond the Sea2240 Lake Shore 259,9000.69 PSFNN/A37ViewComing Soon
2014Voyager 12119 Lake Shore249,9000.67 PSFY31327ViewComing Soon
2014Voyager II2121 Lake Shore249,9000.67 PSFY19317ViewComing Soon
2013South Beach (2)88 Park Lawn270,0000.53 PSFN31327ViewComing Soon
2013South Beach90 Park Lawn299,9000.52 PSFN31327ViewComing Soon
2012Nautilus16 Brookers 239,0000.59 PSFN38939ViewComing Soon
2012The California Condo165 Legion249,0000.53 PSFN36831ViewComing Soon
2011Beyond the Sea III15 Legion268,9000.68 PSFN34244ViewComing Soon
2011iLoft at Mystic Pointe155 Legion299,0000.61 PSFN25529ViewComing Soon
2011Beyond the Sea I2230 Lake Shore 289,9000.69 PSFN20827ViewComing Soon
2010Hearthstone by the Bay3 Marine Parade 240,0000.56 PSFN14418ViewComing Soon
2009The Tides at Mystic Pointe185 Legion250,0000.75 PSFN25522ViewComing Soon
2007The Explorer by Monarch58 Marine Parade310,0000.65 PSFN27014ViewComing Soon
2005The Waterford (A)2095 Lake Shore289,9990.86 PSFN5210ViewComing Soon
2005The Waterford (B)2087 Lake Shore289,9990.86 PSFNN/A16ViewComing Soon
2005The Waterford (C)2083 Lake Shore284,9000.86 PSFNN/A16ViewComing Soon
2003The Grenadier Landing Condos5 Marine Parade269,9000.70 PSFY26512ViewComing Soon
2003Nevis80 Palace Pier289,0000.59 PSFN296ViewComing Soon
2003Nevis (2)88 Palace Pier289,0000.59 PSFN13116ViewComing Soon
2002Players Club2067 Lake Shore299,9000.84 PSFY9313ViewComing Soon
2000The Legends at Mystic Pointe190 Manitoba289,9000.69 PSFN108N/AViewComing Soon
2000Manhattan Skylofts II200 Manitoba369,9000.69 PSFN205N/AViewComing Soon
2000Manhattan Skylofts I250 Manitoba289,9000.69 PSFNN/AN/AViewComing Soon
2000Skylofts I at Mystic Pointe300 Manitoba289,9000.69 PSFNN/AN/AViewComing Soon
2000Newport Beach2111 Lake Shore299,0000.70 PSFN24217ViewComing Soon
1993Palace Place Condos1 Palace Pier319,0000.84 PSFY50447ViewComing Soon
1983Palace Pier2045 Lake Shore354,9000.87 PSFY43346ViewComing Soon