Buying an Etobicoke Condo

The buying process starts online. You are searching through numerous websites, trying to filter through them, reading and absorbing. You are at a crossroad, in terms of what to buy, where to buy and whom you should choose as your agent. Promises like: i look out for your best interest and I’m the real estate expert can be overwhelming. We are all real estate experts. We all know a thing or two about selling and buying. Just like every dentist knows about teeth and how to keep them healthy. But finding the right expert is the challenge. Here is what you need to know:

Local Expertise Is Key
A Realtor that specializes in an area and specifically specializes in condos will have the best knowledge to equip you with the best resources and information that you will need in order to buy your dream home. Our team knows that you are not simply searching for a home, but a whole lifestyle. It is important to work with an agent who can offer a wealth of information, every step of the way, along with strong negotiation skills, problem-solving skills, determination and hard work. We are here to make the buying experience headache free every step of the way.localinfo

The Database
Having a website out there that educates is important to us. We have build a website that is so rich with information, that you can expect to be engaged for the next 7 days, so get a coffee or energy drink and find everything you need to know about Lakeshore Condos right from your couch. Other than our extensive exclusive base, we also provide you with a local expert that knows the area, the condos: buildings, amenities, layouts and any other questions inside out. Many have tried duplicating our website, however our extensive research, and the information that our agents can convey has taken a long time to compile and is something that we wanted for our clients exclusively and can’t be duplicated.database

Our Approach
We like to treat our clients with respect and honesty, because this is how we want to be treated. We have a no-nonsense approach and we are very forthright. We want to establish a life-long relationship with the client. Not sell you a product and make a run for it. We say what we really think! There are no empty promises and this approach can come rather as a shock in the beginning, since most people are usually used to being told what they want to hear. We do the opposite, which is refreshing, unusual and has made us gain valuable customers over the years. We also relate to our clients. We are not the sales people that are interested in selling a condo, but rather help you find exactly what you are looking for in order to be truly happy with your decision. We try to match your lifestyle to the condo that can allow for this

Hassle Free Condo Shopping
Our services are 100% free to our buyers. We get compensated by the seller or the builder. However, we are independent Realtors not associated with the seller or developer, and therefore we can represent your interests objectively. We also take care of the paperwork and everything else involved in the buying process, we will read the long contracts and even write them for you, because we are looking out for your best interest. And best of all, there are no terms or conditions with us that will limit you in any way when buying a property.